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TOMAKIN epitomises unspoilt beaches and waterways and the surrounding area of Broulee, Mossy Point and Barlings Beach are perfect for a day on the beach, snorkeling, kayaking or fishing. 

Take a walk around Broulee Island, or up to Melville Point at Tomakin and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area.


Tomakin Cove is a protected sandy cove that is a shallow lagoon making it popular with novice snorkelers and kayakers. The cove is part of the greater Broulee Bay and is almost completely surrounded by rocky outcrops and reefs - on its southern side rocky platforms extend out into the bay, while to the north the cove is sheltered by Melville Point.

Above the water the rocks at Tomakin Cove are loved for their rambling exploring, while below the water snorkelers commonly see stingray species such as stingarees and eagle rays buried in the seabed floor, as well as schools of small whiting, mullet and bait fish feeding over the sand. On the seaward side of the cove the dense cover of kelps shelter many small fish and garfish are common in the deeper gutters near Melville Point.

Tomakin Cove is backed by dense vegetation which hides the houses of Tomakin village.

To the south of Tomakin Cove is Tomakin Beach where there are amenities including toilets and picnic tables.


FISHING Tomakin Cove is within a general use zone of the Batemans Marine Park but just north of Melville Point the zoning changes to habitat protection zone, where certain restrictions apply.

Check the Batemans Marine Park zoning guide for more information.


Activities in the area include surfing, swimming, wind surfing, fishing (beach, rock, estuary, ocean) walks, bicycling and kayaking.

Mogo Zoo is a privately owned zoo that supports an amazing collection of endangered and exotic animal species. Nestled close to the Princess Hwy and just 10 mins south of the popular coastal town of Batemans Bay, the zoo is spread over many acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. Mogo Zoo proudly boasts the largest collection of primates in Australia. Our zebras and Southern White Rhinos wander the Savannah plains alongside our majestic Giraffes. Visitors to Mogo Zoo can experience our animals Up Close and Personal including meerkats, feeding a lion or tiger, or simply enjoying our affectionate red pandas.


Eurobodalla Shire has 83 beaches and a spectacular marine park coastline.

Surf lifesavers keep eight of our popular swimming beaches safe in summer with a mix of professional and volunteer lifeguards on duty every day during the peak season.

Volunteer lifeguards patrol selected beaches on weekends and public holidays from October to April.

You can explore these pristine waters on kayaking and diving tours with Region XBay and Beyond Sea Kayak ToursTotal Eco Adventures and Underwater Safaris.

Eurobodalla Shire

Your Eurobodalla journey starts at Batemans Bay and meanders its way through Mogo, Moruya, Bodalla, Narooma and Tilba, each with stories to tell and experiences waiting to be explored. Make the most of your holiday in Eurobodalla and plan ahead with our suggested itineraries and visitor information.

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