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The Moorings Timeshare Resort Company Profile

The Moorings Resort was established in 1984 as a timeshare resort and since that time the development of the resort has increased from the original 12 units constructed, up to the now 76 units.

Since its beginnings, The Moorings Timeshare Resort has been developed and managed by the Weekes family. It is 100% Australian developed and managed.


The Concept Of Timeshare / Holiday Ownership

The Moorings Timeshare Resort is a purpose built timeshare resort. Each unit at the timeshare resort is divided into 26 two week timeshares.

The resort is closed for the last two weeks in July yearly for maintenance.

This leaves 25 two week shares in The Moorings Timeshare Resort available for ownership, with each timeshare holiday owner receiving two weeks holiday yearly.


Using Your Timeshare Holiday Ownership

Each timeshare owner at The Moorings Timeshare Resort has a number of ways of utilising their two weeks annual holiday.

Holiday owners can use their two weeks holiday and stay at The Moorings Timeshare Resort, enjoying a holiday on the NSW South Coast of Australia.

Timeshare owners can rent out their two weeks holiday. They can rent privately or The Moorings Timeshare Resort can organise the rental for them.

Owners of timeshares in The Moorings Timeshare Resort can exchange their accommodation holiday weeks for accommodation at other timeshare resorts worldwide.


There is an annual maintenance levy payable each year that contributes to the professional management and maintenance of the resort and there are very experienced and helpful office staff who do their best to ensure you get maximum benefit from your membership. 

Timeshare Exchange Companies

Holiday exchange is made possible by The Moorings Timeshare Resort's affiliation with timeshare exchange companies.

The Moorings Timeshare Resort is affiliated with two timeshare exchange companies; RCI and DAE.

Through these timeshare holiday exchange companies, owners at The Moorings Timeshare Resort can exchange their holiday weeks with over 4000 other timeshare resorts worldwide.

Your timeshare holiday has equal value at these other resorts, so 2 weeks at The Moorings Timeshare Resort can be exchanged for 2 weeks at any of the other timeshare resorts.


Timeshare Standards Compliance

Timeshare is a highly regulated industry in Australia, with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) being the regulatory body.

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