Resort Condominiums International (RCI) Timeshare Exchange


The Moorings Timeshare Resort at Tomakin on the NSW South Coast of Australia is an affiliate timeshare resort of Resort Condominiums International (RCI) timeshare exchange. Your timeshare in The Moorings Timeshare Resort includes your initial membership to RCI timeshare exchanges.

Through RCI timeshare exchange, you can exchange your holiday weeks at your Home Resort (The Moorings Timeshare Resort Australia) for accommodation at over 4,000 other timeshare resorts around the world.

RCI timeshare exchange is the world's leading vacation exchange company, giving you access to over 4,000  holiday resorts in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The idea of holiday exchange was first introduced to the timeshare industry by RCI in 1974. Since then it has grown to include over 2.8 million members, with more than 70% of resorts worldwide being affiliated with RCI.

RCI timeshare exchange, as the leading vacation exchange company, completes over 80% of all holiday exchanges made worldwide.

Seven out of ten of the worlds top timeshare developers have chosen RCI timeshare exchange as their exchange partner and since its beginnings in 1974, RCI has completed over 54 million holiday exchanges.

Several regional headquarters have been established for RCI timeshare exchange, including the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Queensland Australia which was opened in 2001.


Why Was RCI Timeshare Exchange Created?

Timeshare began back in the 1960's and was introduced to the United States in the early 70's. However, it had one major drawback; timeshare holiday owners were locked into staying at the same resort at the same time each year.

RCI timeshare exchange was introduced to overcome this problem and allows timeshare holiday owners to exchange their holiday weeks with other timeshare owners at other timeshare resorts.

The result is that owners can now holiday virtually anywhere in the world at any time that suits them and with only small administration costs involved.

Since its inception RCI timeshare exchange has expanded to include many new facilities including a travel advisory service, arranging rental cars and booking plane flights.

RCI is at the forefront of holiday vacation exchanges and is always improving and expanding its services.

Find Us:
4.5 hrs south of Sydney
2 hrs south east of Canberra 

15 min south of Batemans Bay
15 min North of Moruya 

7 min from Moruya Airport. 

The Moorings Resort is now a smoke free resort. This includes no smoking on unit verandahs or the resort grounds. 

Contact Details:
2152 George Bass Drive Tomakin NSW 2537

Phone : (02) 4471 7500

Fax : (02) 4471 8125
Email :  

Reception Hours: 
Monday - Thursday - 9am to 5pm 
Friday - 9am to 6pm Friday
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 9am to 12 noon