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Why Timeshare?

Advantages of Timeshare / Holiday Ownership


  • You Own It - Receive a share certificate

  • You Can Will It - Asset for your estate

  • You Can Rent It - Privately, Resort Manager

  • You Can Sell It - Like anything you own

  • You Can Gift It - Friends and family

  • Quality Holidays - Enjoy the complete Resort Holiday Concept

What You Own With The Moorings Timeshare Resort

When you buy timeshares at The Moorings Timeshare Resort at Tomakin on the South Coast of New South Wales Australia, you will own a 2 week share of a fully self contained two bedroom holiday apartment with accommodation for up to six people.

Your Timeshare Ownership Is Protected

Timeshare holiday ownership is controlled and regulated in Australia by several bodies including government authorities and industry organisations.


Exchange Your Holiday Ownership

With your timeshare you are not limited to staying only at The Moorings Resort.

You can exchange your holiday ownership at over 4,000 timeshare resorts worldwide through RCI and DAE. 

Purchasing a timeshare at The Moorings Timeshare Resort includes your initial membership of RCI and DAE, so you can start holiday exchanges almost immediately.


Enjoy Quality Holidays

Timeshare holiday owners have the luxury of choosing holidays at the worlds most famous holiday destinations - from the magnificent South Coast of NSW to the Queensland Gold Coast or exotic overseas destinations like the Canary Islands.

Through holiday exchanging most owners travel extensively, both within Australia and overseas. Learn from other owners about other timeshare holidays and exchanges.


Your Timeshare Holiday Is Guaranteed

Your annual holiday is always available with timeshare holiday ownership.

Even if you don't use your holiday weeks one year, you can save them up or space bank them for future years and enjoy a longer holiday.


Holiday Costs Are Frozen

Once you buy your timeshare holiday ownership you have paid for your future holidays as well.

The cost of your future holidays has already been fixed when you purchase your timeshares - other than low maintenance costs there is nothing more to pay for your future holidays.


Timeshare Works

Timeshare holiday owners enjoy many benefits not available to regular holiday makers. They know it works for them and provides amazing holiday destinations at very affordable prices.

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